Havana Cathedral
Pic: Manuel Barcía Paz
Monument to African Slaves, Matanzas - Pic: Manuel Barcía Paz
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Picture by Roberto Fumagalli:
Pic: Stephen Wilkinson

The International Institute for the Study of Cuba is an initiative by a team of UK located academics, specialists and consultants with the object of providing a dispassionate, in-depth and objective appraisal of the Cuban political, economic, cultural and historical experience.

The Institute is a membership association, open to all who share its aims and objectives. Among our goals are to provide reports and policy recommendations to decision-makers that are objective, factual and reasoned, to support and ensure the continued publication of the International Journal of Cuban Studies and to organise educational and academic events. We disseminate objective research and appraisals of Cuba, in particular its politics, history, culture and scientific progress.

The Institute is non-profit making and depends entirely on subscriptions, donations and the goodwill of those who donate their time and efforts unpaid in order to do its work.

Money raised by the IISC goes to pay the expenses of providing the editorial content of the journal.



Latest News

Cuba, the economy and China: IISC seminars at the University of Buckingham

The IISC, in collaboration with the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Buckingham, in the UK continue their research seminars this Spring with two international speakers.

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Cuba Forum hosts first seminar live from Cuba

The Cuba Forum based at the University of Nottingham has arranged its first research seminar to be held live over conferencing software FROM CUBA on 23 March 2021 .

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IISC launches YouTube Channel

The International Institute for the Study of Cuba now has its own dedicated YouTube Channel and has launched it with a video recording of a seminar held at the University of Buckingham on 10 March, 2021.

University of Nottingham launches Cuba blog

A new blog has been launched by the Cuba Research Forum at the University of Nottingham.

Fifth International Conference for World Balance scheduled for 2022

The idea is to turn this plural and multidisciplinary  conference into a platform for raising awareness of the ills facing humankind and endangering human existence. 

Editorial: Biden – (T)his time?

....despite the considerable opposition, voluble antagonism and intense heat it would engender, the only really sane policy that President Biden can follow is to ease the pressure on Cuba and assist the Government in Havana in its efforts to reform the economy. This is in the best interests of both the people of Cuba and the United States.