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Conference aims to raise awareness of the ills facing mankind

Fifth International Conference for World Balance scheduled for 2022

The idea is to turn this plural and multidisciplinary  conference into a platform for raising awareness of the ills facing humankind and endangering human existence. 

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Why the new U S administration must act quickly to end the embargo policy

Editorial: Biden – (T)his time?

....despite the considerable opposition, voluble antagonism and intense heat it would engender, the only really sane policy that President Biden can follow is to ease the pressure on Cuba and assist the Government in Havana in its efforts to reform the economy. This is in the best interests of both the people of Cuba and the United States.

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Major move means free access to readers everywhere

Journal to go Open Access from 1st Jan

The International Journal of Cuban Studies, the official publication of the IISC, is among 21 titles published by the Pluto Educational Trust that will go fully open access on 1st January, 2021.

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University of Buckingham seminar series to highlight Cuban research

The Humanities Research Institute at the University of Buckingham is hosting a series of seminars by IISC scholars this autumn and winter.

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Salim Lamrani writes

Salim Lamrani: Assessing Cuba policy under Trump and prospects for a second term (In Spanish)

¿Cuál ha sido la política de Donald Trump hacia a Cuba desde su llegada al poder en 2017? ¿Qué decisiones ha tomado después de haberse mostrado muy crítico con las medidas adoptadas por su predecesor, las cuales consideró concesiones al “régimen cubano”? Sin sorpresa, la toma de posesión de Donald Trump ha marcado un viraje de 180° en la política exterior de Estados Unidos hacia Cuba. Lejos de proseguir con la política de acercamiento iniciada por Obama, al contrario, ha procedido a un recrudecimiento de las sanciones contra la isla atacando las tres principales fuentes de ingresos del país: la cooperación médica internacional, las transferencias de remesas procedentes de la comunidad cubana en Estados Unidos y el turismo.

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'Managing Cuba's Economy in a time of Crisis'

Former Cuban Minister of the Economy to speak at University of Buckingham

Leading Cuban economist and former Minister of the Economy, José Luis Rodríguez, is to give a seminar at the University of Buckingham organised through the IISC and the International Journal of Cuban Studies. The seminar entitled: 'Managing the Cuban Economy in a time of Crisis' will take place in the Anthony De Rothschild Building, Room 1, Hunter Street Campus, at 12 noon on Tuesday 10th March.

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