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Institute researcher and academic Salim Lamrani gives his view of the late Cuban leader

Fidel Castro: Hero of the disinherited

Three aspects characterize the figure of Fidel Castro. First of all, he is the architect of national sovereignty, the person who restored dignity to the people of the island by realizing the dream of the Apostle and National Hero José Martí for an independent Cuba. Secondly, he is a social reformer who has taken up the cause of the humble and the humiliated. Finally, he is an internationalist who extends a generous hand to needy people everywhere and places solidarity and integration at the center of Cuba’s foreign policy.

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Public Lecture: Havana’s man of mystery

On the occasion of the publication of The Contemporary Spanish American Novel by Bloomsbury, Dr Stephen Wilkinson will deliver a lecture on the life and work of Leonardo Padura Fuentes, currently Cuba's most internationally successful author.

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Cuba can cope without Chávez

Once again the web is abuzz with stories of impending doom for Cuba now that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez lost his battle against Cancer. However, I do not believe that the death of Chavez will be as disastrous for Cuba as many suppose.

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Special edition of IJCS

Call for papers: Cuba’s Internationalism

We are looking for papers to be included in a special issue of the International Journal of Cuban Studies on new dimensions of Cuban Internationalism. Papers are welcome to engage the wide range of Cuban programs, initiatives, international partnerships, or informal networks that are shaping processes of politics, economics, and development notably in the global South.

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