Seminar on Race by Havana expert

Cuba Forum hosts first seminar live from Cuba

The Cuba Forum based at the University of Nottingham has arranged its first research seminar to be held live over conferencing software FROM CUBA on 23 March 2021 .

Dr Samuel Furé (Facultad de Lenguas Extranjeras, Universidad de La Habana), will be giving a paper entitled:

‘A pan-African bridge over Cuba’

Dr Samuel Furé Davis is one of Cuba’s most influential thinkers on race and religion. His book ‘La cultura rastafari en Cuba’ is well-known to many Cubanists, and Dr Fure Davis makes invaluable contributions to academic debates and publications on race in Cuba and the Caribbean.

This seminar is our first attempt to have Cuba-based speakers, using the platform most accessible to them, in order that perspectives from Cuba are included in public debates about Cuba around the world.

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23 March 2021, 17h-18:30h GMT