Conference aims to raise awareness of the ills facing mankind

Fifth International Conference for World Balance scheduled for 2022

The Fifth International Conference for World Balance “For all and for the good of all”,  is scheduled to be held in Havana in January 2022.

This Project, founded in 2003, is supported by UNESCO, the Organization of Ibero-American States for Science, Education and Culture (OEI) and other international institutions and is coordinated by the José Martí Programme Office of Cuba (OPM). During its almost two decades of work, it has developed several initiatives like the UNESCO / José Martí International Prize and a large international movement for the dissemination of Martí’s legacy and in support of UNESCO’s priorities.

The organisers call for intellectuals, artists, politicians and activists, as well as educators, writers, journalists,  social justice activists, political, trade-union and religious leaders, members of scientific, feminist, young, farmer and environmental non-governmental organizations, etc. to participate. The idea is to turn this plural and multidisciplinary  conference into a platform for raising awareness of the ills facing humankind and endangering human existence.

For further information or details,  check out the website, which includes information both in English and Spanish