University provides base for the Institute

IISC locates to University of Buckingham 

22 April: The University of Buckingham has joined forces with the International Institute for the Study of Cuba to further research, academic cooperation and an evidence-based understanding of Cuba, its history, politics and culture.

The agreement means the Institute (IISC), which was founded in 2007 at London Metropolitan University, will now be based at Buckingham and will adopt the University’s logo on all its publicity and public notices. Furthermore,  the Institute’s academic journal, the International Journal of Cuban Studies will be listed as a part of the University’s research activities along with any other research output.
The Director of the Institute, Dr Stephen Wilkinson, who is lecturer in Politics at the University, said: ” This is a terrific development. With the University’s backing, the Institute will be able to project itself globally and make Buckingham a world-renowned centre of knowledge and understanding about Cuba that lies beyond the heated Washington-Havana divide.”
The Institute is an initiative of Cuba scholars from a variety of disciplines from around the world including the UK, The United States, Cuba, Canada, and Europe who are dedicated to an objective and dispassionate appraisal of this vexatious island that has been a focal point of tension and controversy since its Revolution in 1959. It works to develop objective research with the aim to impact the policy debate in the UK and Washington, disseminate factual and evidence-based information about Cuba and develop academic, civic and student exchanges.

The University and the IISC have already begun to collaborate with a series of Seminars organised in conjunction with the Humanities Research Institute and two study tours of Cuba for students and staff in 2018 and 2019. Another tour of the island is planned for September this year.

Picture shows UoB Vice Chancellor, Prof. James Tooley signing the agreement (22/04/21)