Obama’s Cuba gambit: Is the US embargo finally coming to an end?

Following the announcements by President Obama on 17 December, in which he relaxed a range of diplomatic, financial and trading restraints on Cuba, the debate has begun in Washington about the future of the whole of the US policy towards island.

Does this departure by the White House signal the end of the US policy of embargo? Will Congress  block any of the initiatives? How will these new policies impact on the Presidential Race? The President’s actions have raised far more questions than they have answered.   

Here at the IISC we hold firm to the view, expressed in the 19th Century by Cuba’s National hero José Martí that it is best to wait before reacting too swiftly to any sudden event lest the event has “legs too short to carry it into history.”

We therefore reserve judgment on the prospects for the future of the embargo but will direct readers to information that will aid them to make up their own minds.

For a round up and immediate analysis of the President’s new policies read Johannes Werner in  The Cuba Standard

For an excellent background article on why Obama had the opportunity to make these changes read Phillip Peters in the   The American Conservative