Public lecture 16th October, 2012

The Missile Crisis 50 years on: Lessons of threatened mass destruction?

On the 50th anniversary of the October missile crisis in the the United States and the USSR brought the world to the brink of mass destruction the IISC and the Institute for the Studies of the Americas presents a public lecture by the esteemed Cuban expert in internaitonal affairs, Professor Carlos Alzugaray Treto. “The Origins of the Missile Crisis: An asymmetric confrontation in a Cold War context”.

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Special edition of IJCS

Call for papers: Cuba’s Internationalism

We are looking for papers to be included in a special issue of the International Journal of Cuban Studies on new dimensions of Cuban Internationalism. Papers are welcome to engage the wide range of Cuban programs, initiatives, international partnerships, or informal networks that are shaping processes of politics, economics, and development notably in the global South.

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Five possible areas of cooperation highlighted in groundbreaking report

Cuban and US academics unveil roadmap to improved relations

Cuban and US academics have unveiled a working paper that proposes ways in which the US and Cuba could start to cooperate in order to improve relations.

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Resolution to Obama

Academics protest at visa denial

In response to the denial of 11 visas for Cubans scheduled to participate in the Latin American Studies Association International Congress in San Francisco, May 23-26, 2012, the leadership of the Section for Scholarly Relations with Cuba has prepared a resolution. Many of the 11 have received visas one or more times in the past several years.

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US denies visas to Cuban academics

As scholars make preparations for next week’s prestigious Latin American Studies Association Congress 2012 in San Francisco, there has been the very disturbing news that seven visas for Cuban academics have been denied in the past few days, two were denied on Tuesday, five on Wednesday; it is likely that at least three others will be denied as meetings have been scheduled for Friday and Monday.

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Updating of Cuban model explained

Cuban academics visit UK

Two leading Cuban academics toured the UK for a week in April giving talks and lectures at conferences in London and Sheffield. Professor Carlos Alzugaray of the University of Havana and Dr Rafael Hernandez, editor of Temas magazine, were the guests of the International Institute for the Study of Cuba (IISC). They arrived in the UK on Monday 16 April and carried out an intense programme of activities from the 17 April until their departure on the 22nd.

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