IISC keynote speaker shares his thoughts on video

The changes in Cuba – Cuban author speaks out

Rafael Hernández: Guest of IISC in April

The Inter American Dialogue think-tank in Washington DC hosted a discussion on 22 November on the politics of change in Cuba with Rafael Hernández, one of the most influential intellectuals writing about Cuba today and one of the keynote speakers invited to the IISC Conference: Cuba in the 21st century scheduled for April next year.

Hernández is editor of Temas, the most prominent magazine in Cuba focusing on political analysis and social policy. He has also published several books, including Shall We Play Ball? Debating U.S.-Cuban Relations (2011), and has been a visiting professor at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Texas. He is currently the Wilbur Marvin Visiting Scholar at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard.

Hernández’ remarks were followed by a commentary from Julia Sweig, Director for Latin American Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations whose most recent book is Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know (2009).  Sweig’s comments will lead off a wide-ranging exchange with participants. To view the video click HERE.