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The IISC is an unincorporated association that is run not for profit. It is governed by a committee of academics who oversee its operation and a director who manages the website and oversees publication of the journal in between each meeting. No salaries are paid to either the director of the editors of the Journal who donate their time pro bono. Any expenses they incur are paid from the IISC income as are the costs of running the website and other activities. A copy of the IISC accounts is made available to committee members for oversight annually and on demand.

The aims and objectives of the Institute are:

  1. To carry out objective research on Cuba in order to inform an understanding of the island, its politics and its international relations that is evidenced, reasoned and dispassionate.
  2. To ensure the provision of support for the editorial board and the editorial content for the International Journal of Cuban Studies.
  3.  To ensure the journal’s continued publication in agreement and partnership with an academic publishing company.
  4.  To organise public academic events independently and in agreement and partnership with academic bodies and organisations.
  5.  To raise funds to support these aims.


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