The International Journal of Cuban Studies  (IJCS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to provide a forum for objective investigation and informed debate on the nature of the Cuban experience and related topics.


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The journal is published by Pluto Journals and edited by an interdisciplinary team of academics based in the UK, who count on the support of an international advisory board including a committee of academic s in Cuba,

The journal is supported by The International Institute for the Study of Cuba.

Content includes editorials, original academic articles, expert viewpoints, conference proceedings, book and film reviews and student essays. To view the contents and sample articles go to the journal website.

It welcomes submissions from all disciplines and from multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Check the Guidelines for submission of articles.

To Subscribe to the journal consult the details on the Pluto Journals website. OR become a member of the IISC and enjoy a number of benefits including a subscription to the journal, free admission to IISC events and discounts on travel and book purchases.