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International commemorative event

The Missile Crisis 60 Years On: Part 1

On 16 October, 1962, the CIA placed before US President Kennedy the first confirmed pictures of Soviet nuclear missile emplacements in Cuba and what became known as the Missile Crisis or October Crisis began. Now, as conflict between the ‘West’ and Moscow has reignited on the continent of Europe, what lessons can we learn from the events in the Caribbean sixty years ago? What is its legacy and how should it be remembered? This conference, organised by the International Institute for the Study of Cuba at the University of Buckingham, brings together a group of distinguished scholars to discuss the events of 1962, how it appears to us today and the relevance it may have to matters still facing the world.

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Playa Girón - a microcosm of catastrophe and the blueprint of subsequent failure.

Evaluating the Bay of Pigs invasion

This paper, originally written in 2001, analyses the evidence and argues that the US failure at Playa Girón can be read as a microcosm of US policy towards Cuba in the subsequent 60 years. It concludes that not only was the invasion a catastrophe in the short term, its effect in Cuba and the US was to guarantee that US aims would be frustrated for long afterwards.

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US-Cuba Relations in a context of multiple crises: 2019-2022

IISC ONLINE SEMINAR: US-CUBA Relations with Prof. Ernesto Domínguez López

The idea of this talk is to focus on the current stature of the relationship between the US and Cuba, for which we have to go back in time, otherwise it would be incomprehensible, but with emphasis on the transition from Trump to Obama, the economic crisis, the pandemic and the recent Ukrainian crisis.

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Study for a PHD on Cuba at the University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham offers PhDs in the study of Latin America and the Caribbean and the IISC is able to welcome applicants for PhDs in the study of Cuba within that framework. This programme can be accessed via supervision online from anywhere in the world.

This is a postgraduate qualification by research. You will be appointed a primary supervisor who will be a specialist in the field  of study (this can be in any discipline) and a second supervisor appointed from the University of Buckingham.

If you have a proposal for academic study in the region or on Cuba then please go to the University of Buckingham webpage. Click on the link below. Informal inquires can be made to the IISC Director Dr Stephen Wilkinson:

Photographing Cuba: Representation and reality

IISC SEMINAR: Cuba va, 20 years later: with Photographer Roberto Fumagalli

In 2002 Roberto Fumagalli travelled to Cuba for the first time, hoping to get to meet Fidel Castro. He feel in love with the country and its people, and the result of this was his first book “Cuba va”, which was published in 2006. In this talk Roberto will share what he saw during those unforgettable years, what his feelings were and also give his personal insights about photography.

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Reflections on a visit to the island February 1st-17th 2022

Cuba: Revolution in ruins or still being built?

At the risk of sounding facetious, if capitalism is renowned for the process of “creative destruction” then in an ironic sense one might have to concede that on the face of it, Cuban socialism is marked by a sense of “entropic decay.” At least that is the initial impression one gets walking through the streets of Vedado, Havana, as I made a point of doing on a recent visit for 17 days in February, seven months after the ‘social explosion’ of 11 July 2021, when people took to the streets in unprecedented scenes of protest. These protests were against the government’s handling of the economy, food scarcity and a perceived lack of Covid response that has produced a general anxiety about the future of this socialist revolution, now in its seventh decade with no utopian end anywhere in sight.

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