Just Published IJCS 13.1 June 2021

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IJCS 13.1 June 2021

Table of Contents

Biden – His Time? 5
Stephen Wilkinson

Academic Articles

La Picadora: A Case Study in Cuban Agroecotourism 8
Krystyn R. Moon, Jennifer Rhode Ward, José Vazquez Rodriguez
and Jorge Foyo

Cuba and Bernie Sanders: Analysis of the Online Media Discourse
at a Crucial Moment of the 2020 Democratic Nomination Race 43
Yoan Karell Acosta González

Radio Free Cuba: From Détente to Re-escalation in
Havana and Miami 67
Connor Harney

National Institutions, Spatial Differentiation and Race:
Variation in Cuba’s Political Regime 86
Jorge I. Domínguez

Evaluating Against a Multi-Dimensional Economic Goal:
A Sustainable and Prosperous Socialism 105
Al Campbell

Pérez Prado: A Story of Rhythm, Drumming and Dancing 127
Raúl Fernández

Book Reviews
Salim Lamrani, Cuba ¡Palabra a la defensa! 150
Reviewed by Renzo Llorente

Louis A. Pérez, Jr., Rice in the Time of Sugar: The Political
Economy of Food in Cuba 153
Reviewed by Jorge I. Domínguez

Alberto Gabriele, Enterprises, Industry and Innovation in the
People’s Republic of China. Questioning Socialism from
Deng to the Trade and Tech War 156
Reviewed by Edoardo Bellando

Jocelyne Guilbault and Timothy Rommen (eds), Sounds of
Vacation: Political Economies of Caribbean Tourism 161
Reviewed by Connor Harney

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