Public lecture 16th October, 2012

The Missile Crisis 50 years on: Lessons of threatened mass destruction

On the 50th anniversary of the October missile crisis in which the the United States and the USSR brought the world to the brink of mass destruction, the IISC and the Institute for the Studies of the Americas presents a public lecture by the esteemed Cuban expert in international affairs, Professor Carlos Alzugaray Treto.

“The Origins of the Missile Crisis: An asymmetric confrontation in a Cold War context”.

In this presentation Profesor Alzugaray will analyse the antecedents of the Crisis and answer the question: Was it simply another Cold War crisis or the result of an asymmetric confrontation between a big power and a small nation?

Tuesday 16th October, 2012


Room 349,

Senate House, Malet St,

Admission Free

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