US-Cuba Relations in a context of multiple crises: 2019-2022

IISC ONLINE SEMINAR: US-CUBA Relations with Prof. Ernesto Domínguez López

US-Cuba Relations in a context of multiple crises: 2019-2022

Prof. Ernesto Domínguez López, University of Havana

Wednesday 11 May 2022. 5pm BST
The idea of this talk is to focus on the current stature of the relationship between the US and Cuba, for which we have to go back in time, otherwise it would be incomprehensible, but with emphasis on the transition from Trump to Obama, the economic crisis, the pandemic and the recent Ukrainian crisis. The talk is organized in four sections: 1) A synthesis of the history of the relationship; 2) Economic crisis and economic sanctions; 3) COVID, its impact and its usage in the political realm 4) The current state of affairs in the international system and its impact on the relationship and also in Cuba itself.

Ernesto is one of Cuba’s most prominent experts on US-Cuba relations. He is Honorary Visiting Professor of International Relations at the University of Buckingham and Professor at the University of Havana’s Centre for the Study of the Western Hemisphere and the United States. His research includes the study of the Cuban-American community in Florida and the nature of the US political system. He has taught in many universities across the globe including the  École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in France and the University of Rostok in Germany. He has given guest lectures at the London School of Economics, Stanford and Columbia in the United States among many others.

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