The US move towards Cuba and the Cuban move towards the market

University of Buckingham
Department of Economic and International Studies
Winter Seminar Series

Wednesday 24th February 4:45pm – Room AdRB 1 

Stephen Wilkinson – Associate Lecturer, King’s College London. He is  also the Editor of the International Journal of Cuban Studies.

‘The US move towards Cuba and Cuba’s move towards the market’

Since 17 December 2014 when the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba was announced, there has been an intensified focus on Cuba in the media.  Speculation is mounting that the United States is preparing to lift its 50-year-old economic embargo of the island. This paper places this diplomatic development in the broader context of the process of economic and political liberalisation that has been taking place in the island under the leadership of Raúl Castro and the changing demographics of southern Florida. It argues that, regardless of the outcome of the electoral process in the United States, the convergence between the United States and Cuba will continue.

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Economics & International Studies Seminar: Stephen Wilkinson