IISC and University of Buckingham Research Seminar

US policy towards Cuba in the 21st century

Thursday 12 May 5pm

Vinson Building Rooms VB2 and 3, University of Buckingham

Honorary Visiting Professor, Ernesto Domínguez López, of the University of Havana will be delivering a research seminar:

The US and Cuba in the 21st century: the making and impact of a policy

In this presentation, Prof. Domínguez discusses his latest research which addresses the variables in the making of US policy towards Cuba since the start of the new Century, including the structural factors of decision making. He then examines the nature of the policies and finally addresses their effects.

Professor Domínguez is a honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham and is visiting for a week as the guest of the IISC.

To attend this seminar please register by writing to stephen.wilkinson@buckingham.ac.uk