Photographing Cuba: Representation and reality

IISC SEMINAR: Cuba va, 20 years later: with Photographer Roberto Fumagalli

IISC Seminar ONLINE 27 April 2022 5pm BST

Roberto Fumagalli (pictured right) is the Italian Photographer who took a lot of the pictures that we use on the IISC website.
In 2002 he travelled to Cuba for the first time, hoping to get to meet Fidel Castro. He feel in love with the country and its people, and the result of this was his first book “Cuba va”, which was published in 2006. In this talk Roberto will share what he saw during those unforgettable years, what his feelings were and also give his personal insights about photography.

About the speaker:

Roberto was born in Monza, Italy in 1970. After graduating in Natural Sciences at the State University of Milan in 1994 with a thesis on tropical entomology, he moved to the Los Angeles area in 1999 and assisted some of the most renowned photographers in Hollywood. In 2003 he returned to Italy and began a three-year series of trips to Cuba which lead to the publication of his first book “Cuba va”, an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Cuban Revolution. In the fall of 2013 he published his second book “Axis of Evil? A photographic itinerary through Iran, North Korea, and Cuba”, the result of eighteen trips to these countries in the years 2002-2013. In late 2018 he published his third book “29 Years. Photographs of a Lifetime”.
His photographic work has appeared in books, newspapers, and magazines all over the world. You can read more about him here:
When he is not traveling, he lives with his family in a small town east of Milan, where he collects 1970s memorabilia.

This seminar will take place online via Microsoft Teams. To register please click HERE