Guidelines for authors

Guidelines for the submission of articles

The journal welcomes the submission of academic articles in Spanish or English on any aspect related to Cuba, provided that they adhere to the aims and scope of the journal.

Articles should be original and not under consideration by any other publication. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to publish, in both print and electronic media, material for which they do not hold the copyright.


Articles should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words in length excluding footnotes and references.


All Spanish language articles will be published in English. Because the IJCS used to operate on an open access basis, editorial resources are limited at present and we are able to translate only one article per issue. Contributors should provide, where possible, an English translation of their articles.


The journal aims for rigour and relevance. We wish to encourage a wide readership and to facilitate connections between academic disciplines. We are therefore interested in innovative articles that are written in a clear, accessible style with objective arguments that are evidence-based. Without compromising on academic rigour, contributors are requested to limit the use of specialised terminology to the essential. For the submission, please employ endnotes rather than footnotes. Endnotes should be numbered consecutively and kept to a minimum both in number and length. Bibliographical references should be checked for accuracy. A full style guides can be downloaded here:

Guidelines for authors

Contributions should be formatted as A4 Microsoft Word files (Mac files must be converted), double-spaced and with ample margins. All pages, including those containing only tables and figures, should be numbered consecutively. A clear legible font should be used. All articles must use the Harvard author date system of referencing.

Title document

The following information should be provided in a separate document: the title of the article; an abstract of 150 words; a list of 5 or 6 keywords.

Biographical information

In a separate document send us a short biographical note including: the author’s name and current affiliation as they should appear in the journal, mailing and e-mail addresses, and day-time telephone number; details of your main appointment or position and the institution for which you work; a brief note indicating your most important publications and current research interests; any relevant website links.

Tables and figures (charts, graphs, or other artwork)

It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission to reproduce any illustrations that may be subject to copyright, and sources should be indicated appropriately in the accompanying captions. The use of figures (diagrams, charts, graphs) and tables should be kept to a minimum, with only essential data presented. Each should be numbered consecutively, titled, and mentioned in the main text. Tables must contain editable text. Figures should be supplied as separate *editable* files where possible (preferably in EPS, Illustrator or Excel format) and not in colour. Picture files or jpegs are unsuitable for figures, but can be supplied for photographs if they are of good quality.


The editors reserve the right to copyedit all articles accepted for publication. Proofs will be sent by email to the authors only if essential corrections need to be made.

Peer Review

All academic articles will be reviewed anonymously, one reviewer will be  a specialist in the same field as that of the article. Authors should provide suggestions for two referees but must not inform the referees that they have been suggested in order to maintain anonymity. These recommendations may or may not be used.


The journal will be published online and in print. Authors will be asked to transfer copyright of the article for the full period of copyright to the International Institute for the Study of Cuba. Authors will receive a Copyright Form for signature upon the acceptance of the article for publication.


All contributions should be submitted as an email attachment (in Word for Windows) to Dr. Stephen Wilkinson:

or sent as a hard copy to:

International Journal of Cuban Studies
c/o International Institute for the Study of Cuba,

School of Economics and International Studies
The University of Buckingham,
AdRB Building, Room 020,
Hunter Street Campus,
MK18 1EG

Please note that for articles submitted by post four complete copies of all documents would be needed.