The International Institute for the Study of Cuba (IISC) starting in 2022, will post here a brief semi-annual overview for all who have an interest in Cuba today on the current state of the Cuban economy.

We have obtained a contribution on this very controversial subject that we offer in line with the IICS mission as stated in its mission statement on the home page of our website, “to provide a dispassionate, in-depth and objective appraisal of the Cuban political, economic, cultural and historical experience that serves to anchor an understanding of Cuba beyond the ideological divide that bedevils coverage in the mainstream media”.

In particular, these reports are intended to focus on a fairly standard economic discussion of exactly “the situation of Cuba’s economy today”, and are not offered as speculative discussions on the much more ideologically divided discussion on “what Cuba needs to do to improve its economy”, which of course Cubans must also determine.

The author is a very well recognized expert on the Cuban economy, José Luis Rodríguez. An academician, he was already recognized for the quality of his economic research by the late 1980s. He took a leave of absence from academia to serve in the government, first in 1994 as Minister of Finance and Prices, and then from 1995 to 2009 as Minister of the Economy and Planning, after which he returned to his academic position.

The Spanish original is directly from JLR.

The English translation is not intended to be perfect publication quality, but rather only to accurately convey to readers the information from the original reports. It is machine translated, and then proofread by some of the editors of our International Journal of Cuban Studies (, strictly for the purpose of removing and correcting any gross errors that such machine translations can make.

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